High-End Meal Preparation

Using his vast knowledge of food for intense nutritional benefit & combining that with his experiences as a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, Chef Mark has made Remarkable Cuisine the go-to choice for meal preparation. With a focus on specific diets tailored to the needs of the professional athletes that he works with, Chef Mark does work with other people who are looking for nutritional but creative, chef-inspired healthy meals at home. Please inquire for options.


Remarkable Cuisine offers off-site, premium bespoke catering services that aim to raise the grandeur but ease the planning stresses of your event. Having now catered over 400 events, Chef Mark McLean and his team are easy to work with and will make sure your event happens better than how you imagine. We are fully insured and staffed, and have worked in corporate offices, storefronts, hotel suites, etc. From casual to black tie, a standard in service and quality is surpassed to make you and your guests feel completely catered to.

Private Chef:

Remarkable Cuisine began as a personal chef service, and still provides upscale, private, in-home services. We have done various types of events, from elegant dinner parties to awesome cocktail parties of different themes. Feel free to ask about the number of benefits a personal chef can provide.

Restaurant Consultation:

Chef Mark McLean has helped various restaurants with front and back of the house operations. From menu items to pricing, Mark uses his experience from different restaurants to help out struggling operations.

Culinary Media:

Remarkable Cuisine has been featured on a number of culinary media outlets. Chef Mark McLean is steady working on different videos, providing cooking tips and fun kitchen dialogue. Feel free to find his YouTube channel here, and contact us for a full media-kit and press release.